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Reminisce about the days long gone by with our beautiful collection of warli paintings that are carefully picked from the heart of the best artists in the country. Simplistic designs on beautiful backdrops that take you back to the origins of some of India’s most time honored traditions – this is what warli art symbolizes. Mounted on different backdrops, your home gets a touch of the glory of tribal India no matter where you choose to display it.

With its origins in tribal Maharashtra, these paintings feature rudimentary designs that perfectly symbolize the heart of tribal India. Usually created with the chewed end of a bamboo stick, these paintings are a standard on hut wall, especially during celebrations. From ritual paintings to paintings that symbolize nature, warli art is extremely rudimentary but refreshingly simplistic and beautiful.

Warli Paintings: Ideal for Wall or Table Art :-
While warli paintings are usually created ideally for wall art, there is no limit to where or how you can use this beautiful tribal art form. Choose from wall to wall artwork that gives your room an elusive tribal look or pick a traditional hey hanging portrait that brings home a touch of nostalgia as you pick up your keys. From wall hangings to wall stickers, there is no end to what you can choose from our collection.

Warli art is not limited to just wall art alone. We have beautiful wall mountable art on wood work and tapestry, as well as small art forms that can be easily placed on a mantelpiece or a display table. With colours that are perfect for every inner d黣or, these beautiful paintings from the best artisans can transform your home like never before!

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