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Shop For Beautiful And Stylish Copper Rings From Craftsvilla:-
The presence of copper is closely entwined with the presence of life. In simpler words, copper is found in almost all living things namely plant life and also in the human body. Copper is also a metal alloy with a reddish orange tint which has been used by ancient civilizations for a number of different things. The use of copper metal by humans dates back to 10,000 years when it was used to make jewellery and utensils. It has been also used to make sculptures, statues, and currency in the past. However, the most popular use of copper has to be in jewellery making, especially in the making of copper rings.

Copper Rings Were First Made Thousands Of Years Ago:-
Copper is known as the oldest metal ore used by humans. The first civilization to make copper metal alloys were the Egyptians. They used it to make intricately designed jewellery and copper rings were a status symbol, owned majorly by the opulent classes in society. It was highly priced and was commissioned by emperors and noblemen all over the world to make crowns, medallions and other pieces that testified to their high status. Copper rings were worn by both men and women from wealthy families and had spiritual significance as well.

Nowadays, copper rings India has been made popular again due to its exquisite reddish tinge and durability. Jewellery like copper rings made from this metal alloy is worn all over the world and is considered to be a stylish statement piece. Find fashionable copper rings for men and women on Craftsvilla at low prices.

Keep Your Copper Rings Clean and Sparkling:-
When it comes to metal jewellery, keeping it clean is an important question. Copper rings can be easily cleaned and can maintain a brand new look for several years. If you notice chelation on the surface of copper which can be identified with a green layer forming on the copper ring surface, there is no need to panic.

All you have to do is find an acidic cleaner in your kitchen like lemon or ketchup. Place the copper ring in your cleaner and let it soak for 15-20 minutes. You can use a soft brush to clean crevices and such parts of your copper ring. Once you wash away the cleaner with soap and water and pat it dry, it should regain its new look and shine!

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