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Gota Work Suits

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Flaunt Your Beauty With Gota work suits Found On Craftsvilla!:-
Gota work suits or Gota Patti is an art of embroidery that originated from Rajasthan. It is quite bold and colourful work. Gota work is used extensively in Rajasthani wedding, bridal wear and other types of formal wear. There is no need to travel to Rajasthan to get dress materials with Gota work as Craftsvilla makes it easy for you by offering you Gota work suits at affordable prices.

The Beauty of Gota work suits:-
The uniqueness of Gota work suits lies in its bold colours and different types of surface textures. Originally, this work included ribbon and lace made from real gold and silver. These strips of gold or silver were woven on a piece of fabric such as satin or twill. Then this woven gold or silver cloth is crafted onto the desired fabric using applique technique. This type of Gota work is very expensive and not affordable by many. Eventually real gold or silver was replaced by copper strips coated with silver to mimic the original work without lowering its value.

Now the metal strips are replaced with polyester strips. These strips are metallised and coated to look like metallic strips. This type of Gota is called plastic Gota. This type of Gota does not react to moisture or get tarnished unlike original metal Gota work. Fabrics with plastic Gota is not very expensive and is also highly durable this increasing its shelf life. Salwar suits with this embroidery have attractive patterns that are inspired by nature. These patterns are specific to the region where they are made and have their own distinguished name. Some of the motifs used are peacocks, elephants, parrots, leaves and flowers. Though salwar suits with Gota work look rich and elaborate, they are usually light in weight.

Choose a Motif That Describes You:-
Since salwar suits with Gota work have so many different motifs, you can choose one which describes your passion in life such as birds, animals or flowers. The gota work suits on Craftsvilla are available in bold colours such as bright yellow, deep purple, scarlet red and magenta. They come with accompanying dupatta and salwar in matching colours. You can also create your own style by wearing salwar or dupatta in contrasting colours. These salwar suits look like designer wear and will make you look stylish and fashionable. Though suits with this embroidery are usually worn for auspicious occasions in Rajasthan, you can wear these salwar suits on any occasion as they look quite contemporary.