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Patiala Suit

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Many things are very interesting and intriguing about the Patiala suits. That is why many women, and not just Indians, love them. It is their beauty and their comfortable designs that stand out from the many reasons one can mention. Every woman deserves a Patiala suit design that accentuates her looks, makes her look sophisticated, and very elegant at all times regardless of the occasion. That is why Craftsvilla is always giving this section of womens clothing with the latest Patiala suit designs so that she can always be the cause of people turning their heads to admire her. The elegance in our Patiala suits online as well as Salwar Suits gives one a reason to purchase them and have the confidence that it is what they need. The Patiala suits for girls Craftsvilla offers have been creatively made by the best providers in the market. The investment of their time and effort can be seen in the masterpieces they always come up with every time they make a new Patiala suit. You can never regret purchasing any ladies Patiala suit from us because they are tailored to be perfect for you and on you!


As the name suggests, this suit has its origin linked to Patiala city that is located in the Northern parts of the state of Punjab. It is a type of trouser that was meant for the women who lived in Patiala city. It is also famously known as the Patiala Salwar or the Punjabi Salwar. The Patiala Salwar is part of three-piece attire, the Patiala Salwar, the Kameez, and the Dupatta.  Patiala Salwar suit was worn by royalty who were the kings of Punjab. The Patiala was only made by the queen, also referred to as the Maharani. She was the only one who could get them stitched and supplied and had two tailors to assist her. As we had said earlier, the most outstanding thing about the Punjabi Patiala suit is that it was very comfortable and the kings loved it, especially during hot summers. The Patiala is loose-fitting and has beautiful pleats to it. In as much as it began as men’s clothing, it was soon adopted by the women, and it featured new cuts and styles that best fitted them. As time went by, many women adopted it, and there arose modern variations that make the Patiala dress even more beautiful and fanciful. Craftsvilla has adopted numerous modern styles and designs and blended them with the traditional Patiala designs giving you exquisite suits with amazing Patiala suits neck designs, and other gorgeous features. As the Patiala suits get more popular across the world, Craftsvilla strives to play an important role in ensuring they remain classy, trendy, fashionable, and elegant always. In the simplicity of any of our simple Patiala suit, you will never fail to get sophistication, elegance, and class. All these are what every Indian woman needs to match up to her beauty.


Picking a new Patiala suit from Craftsvilla is never as easy as one would like to think. This is not because of we have made anything complex or that you will have any problems while doing your Patiala suit online shopping. It is because we have a vast collection of Patiala suits, Salwar Suits to pick from that you will be spoilt for choice. Even so, if you cannot pick all, you can pick the best for you by considering the following factors.

The colors: the Patiala Suits we are offering have varying colors and color combinations. Depending on your favorite color, you will be able to make the perfect decision on what to pick. Also, the color combinations should blend perfectly to create an outstanding look. Whether you want a black Patiala suit or a suit of any other color, we will deliver it to you.

The fabric: every Patiala suit design has a unique a different fabric that is used to make it. The fabric can be cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, velvet, and so on. Everyone has a preference of fabric. Therefore, your preference will affect your choice greatly. Whether you will choose a cotton Patiala suit or any other, it will be based on your preference.

Your body type: Patiala suits are very comfortable as we already know. Even so, part of the suit is the Kurta or the Kameez. Always go for a Kurti or Kameez that will highlight all your beautiful features. You can look at those that have the perfect Patiala suit neck designs, the best length, and the right sleeves. The style and pattern: you can choose Patiala suits of any style whether traditional, contemporary, designer and so on. In regards to the pattern, you can choose abstract, tie and dye, block printed, digital printed, florals, and so on.


Craftsvilla has come a long way to stand at the top of the competitors. The only reason this has been the case is that we offer unique Patiala suits to our clients. Whether one wants a Patiala suit for a wedding, Patiala suits party wear or any other occasion; we have them. All our suppliers have perfected their art, and they are always ready to play around with different ideas to give you beautiful and uncommon. Shop for Patiala suits online today from Craftsvilla and enjoy the beauty and life they bring to your looks every day. You can only shine with these Suits or Punjabi Suits for they are destined to make you the most stylish and fashionable individual.


Shopping with Craftsvilla is always fun because there is always something to look forward to every day. As often as we can, we introduce the latest Patiala suit to ensure there is a touch of freshness to our collection. Craftsvilla further makes your experience a memorable one by offering you amazing offers as well as prices at all times. When the prices are attractive, everyone will find a great atmosphere to shop for their fulfillment. Other than this, we have also ensured that our platforms whether our website or the mobile app, is easy to use and very secure. Because of the user-friendly interface we use, our clients have had a fulfilling experience that has left them yearning for more. Today, you can experience our professional services like our clients and enjoy the charm of shopping with Craftsvilla.