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Punjabi Suit: The Best You Need From Craftsvilla

Are you looking for Punjabi suits latest design that has beautiful and gorgeous Punjabi suit embroidery designs? Craftsvilla is the one place that you should start your research, and it is where your search will end. Craftsvilla is a shop that has all the beautiful designer Punjabi suits that you could ever hope for. This company has all of its finest womens clothing picked by ethnic wear experts who always think outside the box and always ready to put their capabilities to the test to see what good it will bring forth. For a long time now, their risk-taking abilities have yielded amazing results. They have been able to storm the marketplace with new styles of Punjabi suit that have impressed our clients. The Punjabi suits online that we offer are outstanding and uncommon to many people. For us to ensure that we are always on top of our client list's of preference, we strive to give them perfection, uniqueness, creativity, modernity, and great services. This way, we can keep everyone satisfied with our simple Punjabi suits as well as our services.


Origin Of The Punjabi Suit

Punjabi suit is also famously known as the Salwar Kameez or a Salwar Suits. This is a traditional cloth that was worn by the Punjabi region women that were found in Northwestern India and the Eastern parts of Pakistan. However, a closer look at the attire's history shows that in some areas, the attire was not restricted to women only. Typically, this type of clothing is made up of the Salwar which is a pair of trousers that has a specific and unique design and a tunic which is referred to as the Kameez. The Salwar is long and reached the ankle, and it was loose-fitting except at the ankle where the hem was narrow. The Kameez was also loose fitting, and it reaches down to the knees and has long sleeves. The origin of the Punjabi suit is traced back to the Mughal era where it was the costume of the Mughals. The Mughals were rulers in India who were Muslim. By the 1980s, the Punjabi suit had grown so popular that it has been adopted as a school uniform in India for girls who were aged between 12 years and 16 years. From there onwards, it became very popular because the women who decided to get married later in their years decided this as their better option to distinguish them from girls and married women. It became their identifier. It kept evolving in design up to now where we have a lot of modern variations that are gorgeous and exquisite. At Craftsvilla, we have understood how far the Punjabi suit design has come, and we always strive to make it better because it is a big part of our dressing culture that must be maintained. Even so, we always bring in modern variations to ensure that at all times; we offer you a fancy Punjabi suit.


Punjabi Suits Price in India 2018 on Craftsvilla.com


Punjabi Suit Collection

Punjabi Suits with Price

Black Color Silk Embroidered Semi-stitched Straight Punjabi Suit

Rs. 4660

Beige Color Georgette Embroidered Semi-stitched Straight Suit

Rs. 3962

Grey Color Cotton Blend Printed Unstitched Straight Punjabi Suit

Rs. 1263

Coral Color Hand Painted Cotton Bandhej Straight Punjabi Suit

Rs. 1417

Orange Color Chanderi Embroidered Straight Punjabi Suit

Rs. 1263

Red Color Cotton Blend Embroidered Unstitched Straight Punjabi Suit

Rs. 1429

Red Color Cotton Plain Straight Punjabi Suit

Rs. 2114

Pink Plain Juth Cotton Punjabi Suit

Rs. 1131

Pink Color Crepe Embroidered Semi-stitched Straight Punjabi Suit

Rs. 1918

Grey And Pink Color Cotton Embroidered Punjabi Straight Suit

Rs. 1771


How To Pick The Perfect Punjabi Suit From Craftsvilla

Craftsvilla is always concerned about how their clients will look in any of their new Punjabi suit purchased from Craftsvilla. This is because the key to looking good in any ladies Punjabi suit is to pick the right Punjabi suit design. For you to filter through all the amazing latest Punjabi suits we have, do the following.

Check the colors: As a company, we have done our best to give you a vast number of colors to choose from. We have orange, pink, blue, green, yellow, purple, white, and so on. Whether you want a black Punjabi suit or any other, we have got you covered.

The neck design: There are different neck designs and all the latest neck designs for Punjabi suits that we use have an amazing way of flattering your gorgeous neck whether short or long. There are numerous suits that we have that feature neck designs like boat necks, U-Neck, V-Necks, and so on. Every neck design for Punjabi suits that we use will accentuate the beauty of your neck and flatter the look of the Kameez.

The Style of ladies Punjabi suit: There are numerous styles, and that is why we constantly have a new style of Punjabi suits to offer our clients. We have traditional Punjabi suits, contemporary, and designer suits that you can choose from. Even so, all these styles have a uniqueness that cuts across each of them; their traditional feel. We also offer stylish Jewellery to complete your entire look

Fabric and the work on the Punjabi suit: The Punjabi Suits that we offer are made from different fabrics. We use fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, brocade, chanderi, velvet, and so many others. The Punjabi suits also have different works, and that is why part of what we offer is amazing Punjabi suit embroidery designs. Other than embroidery, we also have crystal embellishes, and so much more.


Unique Punjabi Suits From Craftsvilla

Craftsvilla delights itself in the unique Punjabi suits it offers. These suits have unique and gorgeous designs. The Kameez works and variations are breathtaking. They also come in varying lengths, neck designs, and sleeve lengths so that everyone can have an option depending on their taste. We have Punjabi suits that are customized to fit many occasions. That is why, from our Punjabi suits online, you can get fancy Punjabi suits party wear or bridal suits Punjabi at any given time. We are a company that is dedicated to offering you a new Punjabi suit design as often as we can so that you will always be satisfied. At Craftsvilla, we take care of all your needs always. Therefore, you can trust us.


The Charm Of Shopping At Craftsvilla

For your Punjabi suits online shopping experience to go as planned, it is very important that Craftsvilla does everything to make the process simple and fast. It is our duty because we are here to serve you in the best way possible. We are also here to meet your needs. That is why, in designing our website and mobile app, we ensured that we used the best software so that you can have the best user experience using the user interface. All the interactions on the websites are easy and offer fast responses. This ensures that your time is not wasted. Other than ease of use, we also offer amazing prices. Craftsvilla believes in a win-win situation that leaves everyone happy. That is why we offer you value for your money while we ensure that the value is also worth our products. Because of this, many people have enjoyed our services and products, and they keep appreciating them every day. Check out Craftsvilla's collection of Punjabi suits online and start shopping. Whether you want Punjabi wedding suits or any other, we have got you covered.

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