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The word batik implies writing with wax and its origins lie in India where over the centuries, the techniques and methods used in batik production have really come a long way. When a saree is made using batik, some parts are decorated with a pattern of wax and the rest of the cloth is dyed. After drying, the waxed portions of the saree will retain their original colour while the rest of the cloth is a different colour. This contrast between the two colours and the pattern created make up the beauty of a batik saree. Previously, batik sarees were considered to be adornments of ladies from aristocratic families whose gorgeous batik prints depicting hunting scenes, birds, flowers and nature were a similar echo of the refined ladies of the west.

The History Of Batik Work:-
Batik work is ancient and can be compared to other primitive crafts like pottery and ceramic. After batik was invented in India, it gradually spread to other countries via the trade routes and in due course of time, other countries also adopted this traditional craft. The basic colour of batik is considered to be Indigo Blue, something that India had in abundance. At Craftsvilla, the products are made by dedicated craftsmen who work hard to ensure that the batik sarees produced have intricate detailing and pretty hard to outdo in terms of pattern and quality. When you will wear one on a wedding or any other event, you are sure to make a style statement.

Wear Affordable Batik Sarees And Enjoy The Attention :-
Craftsvilla enjoys pride of place among online shopping portals for its wide range of batik sarees. There are a multitude of colours to choose from if you are going in for a solid colour. Those with patterns in mind can opt for Avinandan, Bhagalpuri, the creative Tie Dye, Bhagalpuri Silk or the Bhagalpuri Yellow. Motifs are a rage as well and Craftsvilla has this well covered with exquisite designs to leave people staring at you in admiration. There are traditional prints, 3D prints, double borders, digital prints, block printed, floral, tie and dye, ombre, novelty print, various types of animal prints, abstracts, geometric prints and chequered prints. Another great feature about the discounted batik sarees at Craftsvilla is that you have access to amazing offers. Buy a batik saree today!