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Stand Out From The Crowd With Craftsvilla Brocade Sarees:-
Brocade is one of the many cultural legacies left behind by Indian Mughal Emperors. Under the patronage of Akbar, who was a lover of handicrafts, the weaving of brocade fabric reached glorious heights and is still known for their lustre and unique weaving patterns. Traditionally, brocade is known for its prominent Persian influence in the form of motifs and designs. This is the result of the vigorous patronage received by Persian craftsmen in Akbar’s court.

The style of embroidery was so popular in India even after the decline of the Mughal Empire that brocade sarees and attires have a mention in Vedic Literature. During Akbar’s rule, the art of Brocade became popular throughout Gujarat and nearby areas such as Benaras which was highly populated by Muslim weavers.

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Typically, brocade is woven on a draw loom which allows each thread to be controlled separately. The brocade design is then woven by making use of a weft technique. Despite the intricacies of the brocade weave, the cloth resembles an embroidered texture.

With the rise of globalisation, Indian women have been exposed to western cultures and have absorbed their clothing habits to a great extent. This has given rise to a fashion group of clothing known as Indo-westerns which merges Indian traditional wear with modern mentalities. As a result of this, brocade designs too have gone through some changes when it comes to the design. Initially, brocade was a favourite of international designers and was almost exclusively seen on fashion magazine covers and couture fashion shows. However, to make them easily used by the common public brocade sarees online started being designed, manufactured and sold.

Brocade sarees are now available in a variety of patterns and styles, among which the floral designs are the most popular. Find creative patterns depicting North Indian phulkari designs and also patterns with animal and human motifs. This is perfect for women of all ages as femininity and grace do not have an age! You can also shop for bridal brocade sarees and other fineries to put a refreshing spin on your bridal attire.

Maintaining Brocade Throughout The Years:-
Discounted Brocade sarees last for decades if proper care is taken. To ensure perfect maintenance of these, make sure that you keep them away from direct sunlight and let it dry out flat. Avoid putting brocade sarees in the dryer as it might crush and ruin the look of the fabric.

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