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Find Creative And Unique Hand Painted Sarees On Craftsvilla:

Indian cotton industries have been manufacturing hand painted sarees for several centuries. However, it is now considered to be a lost art with the advancements in cloth printing technologies and the industrial takeover of the manufacture of clothes. Nevertheless, the quality, originality, and uniqueness of a hand painted saree cannot be compared with a mass-produced product.


Painting a saree by hand is an elaborate process

one which requires a high level of precision, skill and artistic understanding and only a few craftsmen have the skill and expertise needed to carry out the painting of a saree by hand. They have been trained for years in this art and the designs they produce are breathtakingly unique and elegant.


Buy Traditionally Painted Saree Designs At Low Rates

Since the painting is done completely by hand, the craftsmen can play around with several different types of designs and patterns. However, hand painted sarees online with traditional designs are most preferred by women in India. These include traditional Indian motifs and intricate patterns. At times, these patterns have no real meaning but are just chosen for their aesthetic appearance. However, most often the patterns on traditional sarees & hand painted sarees bear cultural significance and meaning.


Some traditional painted sarees are adorned with motifs of earthen pots, peacocks, earthen lamps. All these are indicators of prosperity and luck. Find sarees painted with creative motifs on Craftsvilla at low rates today.


Unique Paint Patterns And Designs On Craftsvilla Sarees

Besides traditional designs, hand painted sarees often have quirky, modern, and unique designs. These use bright colours and make you stand out from the masses. More often than not, just one piece of each quirky design is painted and it is thus a unique range of products. In fact, you can be sure that no other person has the same saree with the same print that you do! The same cannot be said about factory made printed sarees in bulk and the designs are often repeated.


Get Your Unique Hand Painted Saree On Craftsvilla

In the last few years, shopping is no longer limited to locations that are physically accessible to you. You can be a resident of West Bengal and order your unique hand painted saree online from anywhere in India! At Craftsvilla, we have a large collection of colours, designs, and fabrics to choose from. Choose your personal favourite hand printed saree today at surprisingly low rates!