Revel In the Traditional Elegance of Ikat Sarees from Craftsvilla

There is a reason why the saree is loved and treasured by women across India. There are many types of sarees that have evolved over the years. Among these is the traditional Ikat print, which is generally manufactured in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Ikat is nothing but a dyeing technique where dyeing is done on yarns before the actual fabric is woven. Special care is taken during the printing and the weaving to make sure that the pattern is apparent and the design is perfectly executed. From the handlooms of Andhra, Craftsvilla brings to you the traditional beauty of Ikat sarees. This unique style of printing and weaving has made these Ikat sarees popular all over the nation and has also generated an international market!


Buy Ikat Sarees at Craftsvilla Today!

There is probably no woman in India who is not mesmerized by the beauty of a perfectly draped saree. It is often said that a woman looks most beautiful when dressed in a saree! You will be nodding in agreement to this statement once you drape an exquisite Ikat saree.

We bring a wide collection of Ikat silk to you, in a variety of colours, designs, prints and price ranges. The next time you have to attend a family event or a gathering at your friends ditch the same old georgette and chiffon drapes and choose an Ikat as your outfit. Not only will you stand out from the masses, but also turn heads, thanks to this unique saree.


We Bring To You the Finest Craftsmanship

At Craftsvilla, we are dedicated to bring to you seamless design of high quality saree fabrics. The Ikat sarees we offer are made from the best quality yarns, and the intricacy of the weaves reflects the skill of the craftsmen. These craftsmen have been involved in this line of work for years, and some for decades. The Ikat fabric is soft to touch and gives you a feather-touch feeling when you drape it around yourself. You will not be able to help, but smile at your reflection in the mirror!


Unique Designs for Every Taste

With the wide variety of online Ikat sarees at Craftsvilla, you will be spoilt for choice! Pick from several exquisite colours and eye-catching designs. If you are an admirer of old school designs and patterns, Ikat is likely to become your new favourite!