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Look Elegant With Kora Cotton Sarees Available On Craftsvilla!
Cotton sarees in are very elegant and sophisticated. Though there are different types of cotton sarees, each blend has its own beauty and charm. One such charming fabric of elegance is the Kora cotton. Also known as Kovai Kora cotton as it is made in Coimbatore in India, these sarees look quite colourful and vibrant. You can find an attractive range of affordable Kora cotton sarees on Craftsvilla in a variety of bright colours. These cotton sarees are quite affordable and are the latest in design.

The Charm Of Kora Cotton Sarees:-
Kora cotton sarees are made from a blend of fine cotton yarn mixed with traditional silk yarn. The cotton used in these sarees is of a superior quality when compared with other cotton sarees. The cotton yarn is weaved in a weft design which means the threads are drawn through the loom and then inserted over and under each other to form a crosswise pattern. This pattern looks like self-styled jacquard pattern on closer look. The sarees also come with a fine Kora silk wrap and border in matching or contrasting colours that create an elegant look. Sometimes shining Zari work is used on the borders. The blouse can be of different fabrics such as cotton, brocade or silk.

There are two types of Kora cotton sarees with one woven on traditional hand looms and the other woven on power looms. The prices vary considerably as hand woven sarees are more expensive. On Craftsvilla, you can find Kora sarees of both types. These sarees also come with bright coloured silk borders with the same work repeated on the blouse material. Various motifs used on the sarees look beautiful.

Why Buy Kora Cotton Sarees On Craftsvilla:-
The Kora cotton sarees on Craftsvilla are of genuine fabric and quality. There are also a variety of colours such as cream, lavender, blue, peach, yellow and orange. These colours are ideal to suit any occasion at any season. The design and pattern of the sarees also make them ideal to wear for parties. If you prefer a more elaborate blouse, then you can go for designer wear blouse made from rich fabrics such as silk or velvet. You can also opt for contrasting colours to make a style statement. Pair these Kora cotton sarees with minimal jewelry. You can also wear these sarees for office wear or cultural events. Buy the saree that suits you the most and look elegant for all occasions.