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Indian fashion has a long tradition

As it believes in unity in diversity, India consists of a varied textile heritage, where each region of India is marked by its own native dress and traditional costume. In India, the human body has various interpretations, rich sculptural tradition reflects the human body, and thus decorating the body conveys meaning and personality. In early India, sewn garments were not in use and women used to wear a dhoti or saree as a lower garment while stanapatta or breast band was used to cover the breasts. Events throughout history, though, changed people’s dressing style, but some garments have survived over time and are integral to daily wear. One such garment is the saree, and several fabrics such as lycra have ruled the hearts of women throughout the country.


Lycra Saree In Vogue 

Lycra sarees are creating a powerful buzz in the market today. Celebrities are welcoming Indian fashion with open hands and designers are busy giving reign to their imagination to come up with unconventional styles layered with the flavour of ethnicity. Indian fashion trends are picking up pace and demand worldwide. In fact, apart from Bollywood, Hollywood too has seen some brilliant Indian garments on the red carpet, and exquisite designer lycra sarees are in vogue, creating ripples of success in the fashion world.


Designs And Patterns To Choose From

At Craftsvilla, our designs and patterns of affordable lycra sarees will leave you astounded. Our collection features the latest patterns in vogue and focuses on the best of quality. With the best of sarees to choose from, we give you added variety with a whole range of colours, patterns and a beautiful blend of traditional and modern variants. Choose your favourite lycra saree now and celebrate the best of Indian tradition with a modern twist.


Get Discounted Lycra Sarees Online At Craftsvilla

If you love making a fashion statement and if you'd like to look gorgeous in a lovely saree, our discounted lycra sarees will certainly please you. Look through our extensive collection of designer lycra sarees and take your pick. Choose the saree that appeals to you best of all, pair it off with a beautiful matching blouse, sandals and accessories and get the perfect look you have wanted to turn all heads and ramp up your wardrobe. We will deliver your new saree to your doorstep, so why not choose more than one and enhance your collection?