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Whenever a woman asks for suggestions on the type of saree she should wear for a particular occasion, she gets countless recommendations, which make it difficult for her to choose the right one from the wide range of choices available. Sarees are available in various styles and patterns and suits women of all ages, and this is what makes this elegant unstitched garment one that hardly any woman wouldn’t love to drape. Although this is a traditional Indian garment, it has become popular globally. Designers are busy amalgamating tradition with modern patterns, thereby giving rise to classy designer sarees. This world’s oldest unstitched classy garment is rocking the fashion world with its charm and elegance, and you can find a wide array of them at Craftsvilla.


Alluring Patchwork On Sarees

These days a new design, which is gaining popularity is called patchwork. This is a beautifully done piece of art in which different pieces of textile work are stitched simultaneously with intricate needlework. This art of patchwork is emphasised by combining diverse forms of embroideries and stitchery. Craftsvilla offers a new line of patchwork sarees that is in sync with recent trends and hence represents an appealing combination of embroideries and embellishments in the form of zari work, sequins and colourful thread work.


Usage Of Quality Fabric

Fabrics play an important role in these patchwork sarees. Designers of these sarees, after thorough research, select the perfect fabrics that suit a particular saree. A saree sporting different types of fabric work in one single piece is called a patchwork saree, and is increasingly gaining popularity. These patch works make the saree look unique and beautiful as it supports various designs and colours. Primarily three traditional structures - the block, strip piecing and overall - are used to construct a patchwork. This form of needlework by sewing together pieces of fabric and creating larger designs is ruling the fashion market today. Patch sarees can be made of different materials such as velvet, georgette, net, silk, satin and chiffon. The design is generally used to create elaborate borders for formal, festival and party sarees.


Patchwork Sarees Online

If you are looking for new arrival designer patch work sarees in different styles, colours and fabrics, explore our unending choices at Craftsvilla. If you’re fascinated by the rich look of patchwork sarees and willing to get hold of a few, look no further. Craftsvilla offers you the latest patchwork sarees, patchwork cotton sarees, patchwork silk sarees and designer patchwork sarees at the most affordable price. Explore our gallery and pick the one that suits your taste and pocket.

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