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Delve Into The Dainty Beauty Of Shibori Printed Sarees @ Craftsvilla

Originating from Japan, Shibori is a traditional art form, which involves a tie-dye technique to produce beautiful patterns. This concept has been applied to cloth and has resulted in unique and beautiful patterned Shibori sarees which are a classical design loved by most Indian women. The great thing about Shibori saree is that the material can vary from the finest silk to coarse cotton and the price range can be arranged accordingly.

The method of printing a Shibori is an enigma in itself as it follows a creative and exciting method. Traditionally, pieces of string are used to tie the cloth, which is then dyed. After the dye has dried, the strings are cut and the result is a beautiful pattern known as Shibori. Each pattern of Shibori is unique as the tying cannot be done with complete accuracy.


Choose A Fabric According To Your Personal Preference

Shibori is printed on a number of exquisite fabrics like silk, georgette, chiffon, cotton and so on. There is something for everyone. Whether you want a lightweight, soft saree fabric or something with a stiff fall, Craftsvilla has everything you want. Choose from fine handloom weaves to intricate materials and enjoy the experience of draping flirtatious printed yards around you. Whether it is shibori Silk Saree that you choose or traditional cotton, it is sure to be that piece in your wardrobe, which will make everyone envious. With different types of fabric on which Shibori sarees are printed, the price range varies greatly and can fit any budget range!


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The greatest thing about buying your Shibori print saree from us is that you can find a wide collection at one stop! No need to run between designer stores and boutiques to find what you are looking for. Whether you are redoing your daily wear wardrobe or are shopping for a wedding party, our online store has everything that you can possibly need! Our collection covers everything from old-school traditional designs to intricate party-wear patterns that turns heads! From fun and flirty colours of Georgette to solemn shades and patterns of cotton and silk, you will find expansive variants at You will almost be able to feel the care that goes into weaving the material, printing the sari and making it available right to your doorstep! Buy our affordable Shibori saree today!