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Touch The Epitome Of Elegance With Regal Velvet Sarees @ Craftsvilla!

Velvet is a beautiful fabric especially created to enhance the beauty and richness of the product. It has found many uses in the fabric industry and saree makers all over the world are creating designer velvet sarees. At Craftsvilla, we have brought an assorted velvet saree collection which will definitely please and satisfy your senses. If you are someone who has an inclination for wearing something exclusive, then velvet sarees for sale at Craftsvilla are just for you.


Velvet Increases The Aesthetic Value Of The Apparel By Man Folds!

Out of many reasons one of the most important reasons for use of velvet in sarees is that it exponentially increases the aesthetic value of the saree. Whether you buy velvet Party Wear Sarees on discount or bridal velvet sarees, the sheer use of velvet increases the grace and elegance in the saree. Velvet is a soft, silky and a shiny fabric. It is one of the best choices available in order to add luster to the sarees. Design in velvet sarees is not a very big problem as velvet itself is a rich cloth which does not require much designing or beautification.


Various Fabric Combinations Available With Velvet Sarees!

Velvet is a beautiful fabric but a 5-metre cloth of velvet cannot be draped around a woman. It will look very loud, heavy and suffocating. In order to retain the richness of the saree, velvet is used in combination with some other fabric. Combination velvet sarees are one of the trendiest and most popular choices. Some very elegant options available at Craftvilla are silk with velvet, self woven handloom fabric in combination with velvet, crepe or Georgette with velvet and shimmer cloth with velvet. Use of combination fabric in Skirt with a velvet pallu looks decent and pretty. Self-woven zari fabric saree with a velvet pallu is an ideal saree for the bride in any of her wedding ceremonies.


Use Of Motifs And Borders On The Sarees!

Party velvet sarees are further adorned by the use of heavy borders and motifs on them. At times just a simple narrow border on an elegant combination of cloth can also do the trick and make the saree equally appealing. Now you don't need to get into the hassles of buying such beautiful sarees in the market as you can easily buy velvet sarees online at Craftsvilla.