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The need to express his creativity has led to mankind producing art over a range of media. One of the most popular media has been stones and rocks that are carved and chiselled to give shape to our ideas. Many archaeological expeditions have unearthed sculptures of different kinds which depict the social and cultural norms of the community back then. These give us an insight into their dressing habits, their artistic skills, the tools they used and how developed they were. The material usually is local to the particular area like sandstone, limestone, etc. Most excavations have revealed that statues were primarily created for purposes of worship. These were carved into exaggerated humanoid shapes to signify a higher living being who controlled the universe and life in general. Gradually this art progressed to honour war heroes and men of standing who made a significant contribution to society.

Today, statues are an expression of creativity and in India artists create a variety of designs ranging from traditional to modern. Our own history is deeply seeped in the legacy of statues and evidences such as ancient temples and the Ajanta Ellora caves suggest this art form was one of the most expressive and revered. They not only depict stories, but also show how society evolved over time and serve as evidence of evolution.

The artists of Kumartuli in West Bengal carry a long legacy of creating the idols of Maa Durga and other gods and goddesses during the time of Durga pooja. However, that’s a much grander version of this art form. Every Hindu household in the country houses at least one statue of a God they revere. Though the material used is not always clay or earth, they are universally present. Monsoons are eagerly awaited and practically every household prays to the gods for a fruitful rainy season. Once they arrive, these statues and figurines become the material embodiment of our prayers and are consecrated with flowers and more, as a thank you.

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