Salwars are part of traditional dresses. They are a type of lightweight baggy trousers of sorts which are combined with kurta or kameez. Salwars are drawn at the hipline either by drawstring or elastic and aref loose fitting.

Churidar Kurta or Churidar Pyjamas are tightly fitting trousers and are often referred to as Moghul Breeches. While stitching, they are cut wide at the top and they narrow down as they reach ankles. This style is preferred for its emphasis on the contour of the legs. Churidars are usually cut longer than the length of the leg and finished with buttoned cuff tightly fitted at the ankle. The excess length then falls loosely over the leg in ripples or folds which often resemble the bangles, hence the name “Churi-dar”. Churidars are a much more modern variant compared to salwars.

Leggings are tight fitting stretch trousers worn by women and girls. After dying out in mid 1990s, the trend of wearing these close fitted pants came back in mid 2000s. Society’s new found enthusiasm also seems to have spurred on trends of leggings, providing warmth and comfort for outdoor workout or for showing off one’s silhouette of their toned legs. They are often paired with baby doll tops, big sweaters or can be worn under mini-skirts for style or for warmth in winters.

Harem trousers are originally believed to be of Persian origin and have been around for hundreds of year sworn right from royalties to peasants in different cultures and eras. Harem trousers can be found to suit every woman of every height and size. They are available in a variety of lengths, styles, and fabrics. Harems can be of full length, capri length or even knee length making them appropriate for different occasions. The look of a pair of harem trousers is influenced by the other items that it is worn with, including tops and jackets, as well as shoes and accessories. During the legendary Indian monsoons, heavy denims are cumbersome to wear and wash. This is when lighter clothes like churidar, leggings, harems and salwars come to the rescue. These can be worn with office going kurtas and even casual tops and are easily manageable. Thus, switch to these during the monsoons.

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