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Stoles are the best wear to give a style statement to that simple dress. Drape them or knot them, and voila you have added a dash of style. Stoles go well with kurti and jeans creating a modern yet traditional fusion look. There may be a fewer option in wearing a stole but when it comes to casual dressing there are plenty of ways – you can knot it, drape it or just let it flow. In its simplest form the stole can be just let lose without a knot, just running it around the neck and letting the two parallel straight line in the front. The knot on the stole should be done with care and neatly. For a formal wear, simple knot is the best choice with a recommendation of a single knot. European loop style fold is another neat looking knot where the stole is folded in half lengthwise forming a loop. Run the edges through the loop and tighten as much as required. To get a perfect formal look, keep the folds neat. With casual dress, stole can be simply wrapped around the neck twice to bring the edges to the front or just leave it on one side of the shoulder. There are many more ways to tie a stole than tying it around the neck. A stole can be wrapped or tied around the waist. Women can also tie a stole like a head band and leave the knot at the nape or to the side.

Designers nationally and internationally have embraced the versatility of the stoles this monsoon season. Not only are they an important accessory to your attire, when worn correctly, they can also be extremely functional. With designs dedicated specially to the season, you cannot go worn with a monsoon stole collection.

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