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Banarasi Sarees

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Banarasi Saree: Elegance Beyond Measures At Craftsvilla!

Banarasi Saree is one of the most known and loved Indian Saree. They are designed with some of the most intricate zari work and are staple to Varanasi. These sarees are designed and transported from Varanasi. The sarees are the perfect pick for any wedding or celebration since they have heavy gold and silver zari work which works best for the special occasions. Since there is much work done on these sarees, you will see that these sarees are heavy. However, despite being heavy, they can be draped easily to make you look your best. These the banarasi zari work can be done on cotton, georgette, and silk to give the best look. The silk banarasi saree is the most preferred sarees amongst these choices. However, these are also some of the costliest ones.

At Craftsvilla we have the most attractive collection of banarasi saree online. Our craftsmen have created some authentic pieces that we offer to our customers at the most affordable prices. Hence Craftsvilla is the place you should go when you are in need of an authentic silk saree.


Origin Of Banarasi Sarees

A name suggests, the Banarasi saree originated from Varanasi when some of the craftsmen from Gujarat moved there. The zari work that is done in the Banarasi saree finds its roots in the Mughal dynasty. The zari work done on the banarasi sarees is very similar to the work that was preferred by the Mughals including the floral details and much more. The zari work sarees on the banarasi sarees was initially done by using pure gold and silver. However as the time passed, the golden and silver threads were used to design these sarees. One saree almost takes weeks and sometimes months to be prepared with hand. Since these sarees are hand woven, they are extremely famous amongst the people of India and now in the whole world. With time, there have been a lot of changes in the cloth and threads that are used in making the banarasi saree. In the ancient times, silk was the most preferred cloth. However now, cotton, chiffon, and Georgette have taken its place. This makes the saree more affordable to the common people. At Craftsvilla we have the most intricately designed banarasi sarees. The designs are developed keeping in mind the rich history of the banarasi sarees and the Indian culture.


How To Pick The Right Banarasi Saree At Craftsvilla

As said, Craftsvilla has some of the biggest collection of the Banarasi saree. Hence selecting the best one becomes a challenging task. Hence to help you, we have created a list of the things that you should keep in mind while buying the best banarasi saree for you.


The Fabric

The fabric makes much difference in the look of a banarasi saree. The banarasi cotton saree will have a completely different look than a chiffon banarasi saree or a banarasi georgette saree. All these have their charm. The cotton sarees are better for the casual occasions whereas the silk ones suit best during marriages and parties.


The Design

The zari work is another factor to consider while buying the saree. The zari work should go with the color of the saree. The work is usually done in gold and silver. So, picking the traditional designs is the best option


The weight

Its weight can identify the originality of a banarasi saree. Due to a lot of hand weaving, the saree is a little heavier than the normal sarees. Hence make sure you check the weight of the saree before ordering it for yourself.


Unique Collection Of Banarasi Saree At Craftsvilla

At Craftsvilla you will be amazed by the variety of designs that are available for the banarasi wedding sarees along with blouses and designer blouses. We have cotton, silk and other different materials that have the banarasi work making them the best sarees of all times. In addition to this, there are different filters that you can choose to pick the best banarasi saree design for you. You can be assured that the banarasi sarees available on our website are original banarasi saree pieces. These have been designed by some of the most talented craftsmen and are pieces of art in themselves. You can see it for yourself when you buy the banarasi saree online on Craftsvilla. From different colors to designs and patterns, each of these sarees is exclusive and one of its kind. Our craftsmen have skillfully taken this ancient art from the history and applied it on the sarees to make them stand out no matter what. You will not be disappointed with the types of banarasi sarees we have to offer. So, do not look any further and head to Craftsvilla to buy the best and the original banarasi saree for you and your loved ones.


The Charm Of Shopping With Craftsvilla

Craftsvilla is the best online website to find the best banarasi saree collection. Here you will find some of the unique designs that are best for the parties and weddings. In addition to having the biggest collection of banarasi saree online, Craftsvilla also provides their customers with the best of Jewellery kinds too. At Craftsvilla, the customer satisfaction is the main goal, and we know that smooth shopping experience is what a person needs to select their best sarees. Shopping for a saree can be a complicated task. Hence we make sure that all the details about the saree and its cloth are given in the information box for the customer’s knowledge. You can shop the sarees anytime and anywhere with the help of our mobile application that runs smoothly on any portable mobile device. The website is also easy to access. We also provide many filters such as banarasi saree price, colors and much more to make it easy for the customers. Our customer care executives are always ready to look into your concerns and find the solution to them. We have a flexible return policy. With all these facilities, our only motive is to make the shopping experience of a Banarasi saree, the best experience of our customer’s lives.

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