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Heavy Work

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Heavy Saree- Fabulous Ethnic Indian Heavy Work Saree Styles for Women

Thinking of gifting your plain closet a heavy work saree this season? Here is something you should know before making the big investment. So, what are heavy work sarees? They are one of the most prized possessions in a woman’s closet as they can style a woman for every occasion. You are better off sticking to a saree when you are a bit confused about what garment to wear for an occasion.


The essence of a heavy work saree lies in its embroidery. They are available in two types. One is hand embroidered and the other is machine embroidered. Over the years, the type of embroidery in heavy work sarees has undergone a sea change. Thanks to technological advancements, it has graduated from using simple threads to zari, pipes, pearls, beads, precious and semi-precious stone works.


The art of embroidery on sarees or garments flourished in India during the Mughal era. The art has evolved over the years after a lot of experimentation and choosing a piece that reflects your style can be a daunting task. Here is what you can do to pick the correct saree for yourself.


Explore the variants

When it comes to heavy work sarees, you have a wide smorgasbord of options to choose from. These include: designer net sareescotton silk sarees, Kanchivaram silk sarees, mimosa silk, cotton embroidered sarees, jacquard print sarees, georgette, chiffon and many more. You have options at every price point and most designer, private label sarees are priced at US $500 or more.


Take the online route

Laying your hands on these highly-priced sarees without burning a hole in your pocket is possible only if you take the online route. Ecommerce platforms have fewer overheads than physical retailers, and therefore, they can offer amazing discounts to customers. Moreover, the sheer range of sarees you can explore on these portals at any given time of the day is mind-boggling. Filter the search results by price, type, colour, fabric and each page as it renders itself on the screen will be a delight for the senses.


No high pressure salesmanship at all

There is absolutely no pressure to buy online and you can log in and out any time. Unlike physical stores, where there is high pressure salesmanship at work and bargaining is rampant, online stores have fixed price units with fixed catalogues, though seasonal discounts, online shopping carnivals during festivals are the best time to grab the best deals.

What makes these beauties special to a woman is that these sarees are easy to drape, carry and give you the perfect fall due to the heavy embroidery that adorns the saree. Thanks to India’s rich artistic repertoire, heavy work sarees are a rage with women all over. For festivities this monsoon season, choose a heavy work saree which will instantly put the spotlight on you. With our monsoon collection of heavy work sarees, there will surely be some heavy-weight attention raining on you!

While there are plenty of options to choose from, the quality and finishing of embroidery is an area of concern. This is where online shopping sites come to your rescue. They bring to you the best of embroidered sarees at the best of prices without the hassle of stepping out of the house.