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We all are aware about Indian woman's love for a net saree. That is why Craftsvilla always strives to ensure that we present the sophisticated and beautiful Indian woman with a net saree and a variety of designer blouse pieces that will not only accentuate her beauty but also make her look perfect. The sheerness of a net saree is breathtaking and feels absolutely gorgeous to look at. A woman in a net Saree will make heads turn in her direction for all the right reasons. At Craftsvilla, we meet every woman's need and desire to ensure that they are completely in love with their outfits when they wear our netted sarees. We have to ensure that every woman looks spectacular by incorporating the latest trends in our traditions to achieve a perfect balance between the two. This ensures that the Indian woman keeps up with the trend but is also a patron of a traditional style of clothing. Craftsvilla takes care to ensure that this is the case always. Therefore, you can sport our wide collection net saree design for any occasion.



A net saree is a kind of Saree that is made using net fabric as the name suggests. They have been on the market for a very long time, and their origin can be traced back to Ancient Indian and Western civilization. As it stands, the origin of the net fabric is not crystal clear as there is little information concerning that. Even so, it is evident that it has been in use for centuries. This is because the oldest Saree made from the net was linked to the pre-Mughal era. This means that the net sarees have been around for a very long time. Typically, a net is made by looping, knotting, or fusing yarns at a place where they intersect. This leaves spaces between the yarns used. Because of these spaces, the net fabric acquires the characteristics of being light and gauzy. We have different types of net fabrics, and they are bobbinet, tulle, fishnet, and filet net. Using net fabric to make sarees has come a very long way indeed. Its use is varied as it can make elements of a garment rather than the whole garment, it can be used to create a section of the Saree, can be used to create aspects of the garment like the hems, neckline, and sleeves, or it can be layered over a sturdy fabric. Sometimes it is not layered over a sturdy fabric so that its sheerness can be highlighted. Whatever the use may be, the net fabric takes the Saree to a whole new level. As we work with net fabric to make netted sarees, we ensure that the beauty and the sheerness of the net are highlighted. We also strive to ensure that we use the net in ways that are appropriate in as much as we may not use sturdier fabrics beneath them, which leaves you looking and feeling like a million dollars!



Craftsvilla does more than providing you with the most brilliant Sarees. We are entitled to make sure that our netted Sarees glorify your beauty and make you look like a Goddess wearing her favourite outfit and matching Jewellery. That is why we make a great variety of the latest net Sarees collection. This ensures that you get the chance to choose the best of the best for yourself. Choosing a net saree from out latest net sarees collection can be a little difficult because they are all gorgeous and one of a kind! However, these factors can help you a lot.

The color: Indian culture of dressing is known to embrace brilliant colors, and we uphold this. That is why we offer you some of the most exquisite colors and color combinations. Knowing the colors that blend perfectly with your skin tone will lead your choice. This way it can complement your perfect skin tone and glowing skin.

Blouses: We have all kinds of blouse sleeve lengths that you can choose from. Whatever your fashion taste is, we have it covered! If you want to show off your gorgeous arms or you would rather cover them, there is an appropriate blouse piece waiting for you.

Type of net: There are different types and kinds of nets available. There are those that are firmer and long lasting while there are those that are very delicate and need that extra amount of care for them to last longer. Some of the types we have include shimmer net, nylon net, polyester net, and so on. Depending on the preference you have, your choice will be sure.

The style of the Saree: Our latest net Sarees collection features a lot of variations. We have those that are contemporary, modern, traditional, designer, and so on. They all have different characteristics, but you can rest be assured that they are all beautiful.

The Saree work: we have handcrafted, hand embroidered, hand painted, mirror work, and so on. Whatever you desire, we have it ready for you to pick and choose from. All you have to do is to shop for net sarees online from Craftsvilla.



Our latest net sarees collection is exquisite. They stand out, and they have been designed with the classy Indian woman in mind. All our net sarees have met the expectations of our customers. And hence they keep coming back to shop more and more from Craftsvilla. Our Sarees are very colorful, magnificent, and superior quality. We use different net fabrics to ensure that there is something for everyone's preference.

Craftsvilla is made of products that always present the world with an amazing net saree design collection for each saree.



Craftsvilla is all about pleasing our customers and providing them with exact styles that they need. We are a company that puts your needs at the forefront so that you can have a worthy experience. In taking care of your needs, we offer you quality, amazing and attractive prices, gorgeous net sarees, and safe shopping platforms. Whether you are using your computer to access our site or you are using our mobile app, you can rest be assured that all your activities and information are protected at all times. On both platforms, we have also ensured that every activity you want to do is done with great ease. This is with the help of an amazing user interface that is very friendly. The experience you will have with Craftsvilla will be refreshing.

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